Ghetto Media is a social enterprise, we work with and for disadvantaged creative people in the Canberra community. Ghetto has a focus on film, television, art and music projects. We facilitate learning with our partners and also create high quality content for film, television and community radio. We work on projects themed around ethics and social justice issues. 

Dave Jenkins (managing) has been writing and producing digital content for 10 years.  
He has experience working with the disadvantaged, especially in mental health and has a focus with media projects to enable 
community engagement with the vulnerable people we work with. 

So aside from producing great content Ghetto Media
improves the well being of the people involved through creativity as well as opening up
new job and volunteering opportunities.

Many of the individuals involved in our projects have lived experience
of either mental health or have been disadvantaged in some way.
We believe this not only adds value to our productions but gives us an advantage
when producing media where social issues are the core business of our client.